CoronBackpacker Guesthouse in Coron, Busuanga, Palawan, Philippines


Island Hopping

Coron Island


Most island hopping is concentrated on Coron Island, only a 30 minute boat ride away.
It’s dramatic volcanic limestone cliffs tower over magnificent lagoons and enclose seven inland lakes of which Cayangan and Barracuda lake can be visited. The beaches around this island have gleaming white sand which contrasts with the dark grey limestone cliffs.


The lakes


Cayangan Lake
(left picture) is reached after a 15 minute trek.

Twin Lagoons
(right picture) is accessible over boat.
You can swim inside.

Barracuda Lake
is easily accessed over the cliff by wood steps in only 3 minutes. Even while snorkelling here you may spot the large resident barracuda and his companions the jack and grouper.

C Y C   Beach

on the nearby Cagbatan Island is
another great place to visit.

A beautiful island with trees, mangroves, white sand beach and a reef. Sometimes you can arrange to camp overnight here.
Another excellent visiting spot is the protected reef called Siete Pecados. This reef was previously badly damaged but after 7 years of protection it now hosts a wealth of coral and fish life – an excellent snorkelling spot.

Pass island, Calambuyan, Luzong Gunboat

Reef and Wrecks Enjoy the pleasantries of the beautiful white sand beaches of Calambuyan and Pass Island before immersing yourself in the amazing underwater world metres from the beach.
BBQ lunch on the beach before stopping at Luzong Gunboat to see the remains of a Japanese WW2 Wreck.